Smoke and Odor Damage

When there is a house fire, unfortunately the smoke and odor linger. Your house and the items in your house will contain smoke and smell smoky. This is not something that most homeowners want to come home to. It is not easy to get rid of but with the help of Springfield Restoration Experts; we are able to get into those hard to reach spaces to remove the odors. We use experts in the restoration industry since they know what it takes to handle the job of treating smoke and odor damages. Don’t allow the problem to persist for too long because you don’t think you can afford to get address the problem. We assure you that at Springfield Restoration Experts, we are happy to work with you to get you the help that you need at a rate you will be able to afford. So don’t hesitate to contact us after you have experienced a fire.


Our Process for Treating Smoke and Odor Damages

Our greatest asset at Springfield Restoration Experts is our professional team of contractors. They will take care of the problem from beginning to end in a very systematic and efficient manner.

There process begins by testing the soot left behind by the fire. Since there are various types, it is important that they know what they will be dealing with. There is dry smoke residue that comes from a quick burning fire with high heat levels. They are usually small, powdery, dry, non-smeary particles. There is also wet smoke residue, which results from low heat fires. These are sticky and often very pungent. There is also fingerprint power, fire extinguisher residue, fuel oil soot, protein residues, and more.

After the type of soot has been determined, the property damages will be assessed so that our contractor can determine what will need restoring. Finally, the areas will need to be pretested to figure out what needs to be cleaned and how it should be cleaned. If there is anything worth saving, we will always let you know so that you can determine if it is worth saving. The goal of our team is to have your home or property looking like new again without a sign of ever having experienced a fire.


Why Hire Us!

There is no other reason to rely on Springfield Restoration Experts than to be certain that you can protect the things that matter to you and protect your health. There are definite health concerns from continuing to breath in harmful smoke. You don’t have to do this when we are a phone call away and we have all that is needed to get your home looking and smelling like new again. We’ll assess your needs, discuss our process for treating it and discuss how we intend on handling the job within your specified budget. We offer you the solution to your problem. Make us your one and only service provider whenever you experience a fire and receive our service guarantee.

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