When you begin to have unexplained respiratory problems, it may be due to mold or some other type of water damages. If you experience flooding in your home or building, do yourself a favor by calling on the reliable services of Springfield Restoration Experts in Springfield, MA. When you need a Springfield mold restoration service, Springfield fire damage repairs, Springfield asbestos removal service or anything else related to the restoration of your property due to water, give us a call to handle the job. Our experts know how to effectively and thoroughly treat the problem so that you can go back to breathing clean and fresh air again. We have a solution for every type of water damage problem you might experience.


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With 30 years of restoration services in Springfield, MA, Springfield Restoration Experts has earned the reputation as the preferred restoration service in the area. This didn’t happen by chance. We take our responsibility to offer the most effective and affordable water restoration services possible. Our experts are chosen based on their level of experience and their commitment to stop at nothing until the job is done. Our aim is to make come in and fix whatever needs to be restored before it begins to affect the health of those in the home. This means that we are also committed to offer you quick restoration services. Our customers in Springfield continue to rely on us because they know we get results. And since they love us so much, we're delighting new customers and expanding into the South Jersey area! Check out Handyman South Jersey for all your repair needs in that area!

Our Services

Our services include a complete inspection to determine how bad your situation is. Springfield residents understand how quickly a problem can get out of control and we want to be here to stop it. If you have waited too long to contact us, don’t worry, we know what we need to offer you the help that you need. If you don’t want your problem to go from bad to worse, give us the chance to show you what we can do by contacting us at the first sign of water damages.

Mold Damage | Water Damage | Fire Damage

Mold Damage

If you have any damp areas in your home, this can become a breeding ground for mold to start to grow. While it isn’t unusual to experience some mold, too much mold can become problematic. This is when it may be necessary to seek the help of a qualified professional that can help you remove the mold before it’s too late. Call on us for our mold removal services and protect your home and health.

Water Damage

Water damages can bring on all sorts of problems, not just mold. When water is left in your carpets, it could begin to seep into your floorboards, making it much more difficult to resolve the problem. With a team of the most qualified professionals in the Springfield, Springfield Restoration Experts will be able to provide you with the help that you need to minimize the amount of damage you might experience due to water.

Fire Damage

When you experience a fire, you can’t just extinguish the fire and leave it at that. There is more to it than you might imagine. Damages need to be assessed and restored. Springfield Restoration Experts is able to do this for you. We do everything from removing the things that are damaged to evaluating your HVAC system. We’ll make sure nothing harmful is left behind that can filter through your home.

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Asbestos Removal | Smoke and Odor Damage | Air Duct Cleaning

Asbestos Removal

Trying to find and eliminate asbestos is a job that only a qualified, trained professional should handle for you. When too much asbestos begins to fill the air, it can cause you to become sick and get into your lungs. Avoid this by relying on our qualified experts at Springfield Restoration Experts to handle any of your asbestos removal needs.

Smoke and Odor Damage

If you have experienced a fire, chances are that you are left with smoke and odor damages. This is to be expected. However, if you wish to get rid of any smoke and odors left behind, give us a call at Springfield Restoration Experts where we can remove and sanitize the things that have been affected. We use a very well thought out process for handling your smoke and odor damages.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts should be kept clean to allow the free flow of clean air to permeate through your home. In addition to allowing clean air to come into your home, it is also possible for you to experience a decline in your energy bill. Call on Springfield Restoration Experts to keep your air duct clean and air flowing freely.

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If you have to depend on a restoration service in Springfield, MA, there is no other service better suited to assist you with your service needs than we are at Springfield Restoration Experts. Since we don’t want you to experience the adverse affects of water damage, fire damage or damages caused by other natural disasters, we act quickly to address any of your service needs. Call us today and let us help you by providing you with affordable restoration services.

“It didn’t matter what we did to get rid of the odor from the smoke, it was still there. We contacted Springfield Restoration Experts and much to our surprise, they were able to handle the problem for us. They are the best! ” – Erica P.

"We could have never done the work ourselves but we knew who could handle it for us, Springfield Restoration Experts. After we discovered a leak in our ceiling, we knew we had to call on a reliable mold restoration service. We chose the most reputable one in Springfield, Springfield Restoration Experts.” – Alex S.

“Since almost everyone in our household suffers from some type of upper respiratory problem, we have to have our air ducts cleaned regularly. We always rely on the services of Springfield Restoration Experts because they offer us a good job at fair pricing. We highly recommend their services to anyone needing their ducts cleaned. ” – Vance L.